Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is a common issue. But if you let your fear keep you from going to the dentist, then your fear is actually affecting your health. Here are five great reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist.

5. Dentists Want to Help
The dentists at Wilkinson Dental want to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. They want to be people that you willingly come back to see on a regular basis – when it comes to dental health, prevention is much easier than fixing an issue is. Remember, any procedure or treatment that your dentist feels necessary is intended to make you healthier and prevent future dental problems. Your dentist doesn’t want to torture you – his treatments are well-intentioned.

4. Dentists Know That People Fear Them
Fear of the dentist is common, and dentists know this. But they don’t want you to be afraid of them – fearing your dentist is unnecessary. Your dentist should offer a friendly, welcoming environment, and should be happy to answer every one of your questions in an effort to keep you well-informed and alleviate your fears. If your dentist does not take this approach, then it is time to find a new dentist.

3. Everybody Goes
There’s safety in numbers, right? Going to the dentist is something that everyone needs to do in order to stay healthy. And not only do those people make their dental health a priority, they also make it through every dental appointment. A dental appointment might not be something that you look forward to, but it’s something that you can absolutely get through.

2. Your Imagination Is Probably More Frightening Than the Dentist Is
Think about it – the last time that you were terrified about a dental appointment, was the appointment actually all that bad? Our imaginations are so powerful that they can make a dental appointment seem like the worst thing in the world, but that’s very rarely actually the case. You might not love the appointment, but chances are it won’t be half as bad as you had imagined it to be.

And the #1 reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist….You’re Free to Leave

If worse comes to worse and you’re ever in a situation at the dentist where you’re truly uncomfortable and disagree with the approach that’s being taken, it’s fully within your power to get up and walk out of the appointment. You don’t even ever have to go back to that dentist – it’s important that you see a dentist who makes you comfortable and whom you trust. If a dentist ends up causing you harm, you can always consult a medical malpractice attorney.

Regular dental appointments are integral to your dental health. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist, so go ahead – schedule your next teeth cleaning today.